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 Claire B


Claire has been a part of our Animal Elves family since 2017 - originally actually a client herself, luckily for us she made the decision to join our crazy crew! The absolute expert on small animals, Claire is usually to be found either seeing to her many guinea pig / hamster / rat / budgie etc. (we could go on all day here) residents - though she takes time out of this busy schedule to take her favourite dogs for a wander or go and see to one of her many beloved feline clients. When not engaged in this busy lifestyle, Claire regularly coaches and plays hockey, plays Super Mum to her wonderful family (and to be honest, all of us as well!) and has a wicked sense of humour. To sum it up, she's just awesome.

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 Claire P


Claire started as a volunteer with Animal Elves at the beginning of 2016, after she returned home from travelling from lands afar. A few months later, she came onboard with us full time and we literally could not imagine life without her and don't know how we coped before her to be honest! For the past 7 years, Claire has been an incredible and integral member of our family here - as any of her clients, furry or human, can attest to she is unmatched in her dedication to her work, her determination to help everybody who needs help and her deep level of care and love for any creature lucky enough to come under her charge. She now runs her own branch of Animal Elves, where we've no doubt she will continue to grow and flourish to dizzying heights! Hip hip hooray for Claire!

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We managed to pilfer James from his very successful nursery management career back in 2019, persuading him to change from childcare to care for something with generally more legs and fur! Since joining us, James has always been an amazingly calm and soothing presence on both clients and team members alike - his organisational and problem solving skills are unmatched, and in fact his handovers for any cover required with his clients have become somewhat legendary on our work group! No detail too small, no level of care too great, James is simply put a truly wonderful gentleman who seems to make even the most nervous of animals fall completely head over heels for him. He has been successfully running his own branch of Animal Elves since 2022, and James - we're so happy that we stole you away all those years and not even a little bit sorry. Not one little bit.

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Call / Text Us  +44 7982 637596



Call / Text Us  +44 7982 637596


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