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Walking dogs is one of the best parts of our days, for both our human helpers and our elves. Even if it's so early in the morning our elves haven't even done their hair, once we're out on a walk watching a dog race around at top speed propelled by a wagging tail, we can't help but start our day with a smile.


So we want to make sure your dog is smiling too - you tell us whether it's an hour's walk, for those dogs that have bundles of endless energy and madly lolling tongues, or a half hour walk for those dogs who would prefer a slightly more dignified pace. If you want your dog to have an off lead walk, all we ask is that your dog is well trained at coming back when called as our elves, though great at throwing balls, are not so good at hide and seek..


If you would like your dog to be walked with a doggy pal, we will happily suggest a suitable buddy for them to be paired up with! We will organise both your dogs and you meeting each other first, with elves and helpers present of course, to make sure that they are a great match. Please note that we prefer to have a maximum of 2 dogs per walker, as sadly our elves just can't manage holding leads to help us out, and we want to make sure your dog gets the best and safest walk we can give.






£21 per hour or £14 per half hour

+ £8 per additional dog







Call / Text Us  +44 7982 637596


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