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At Animal Elves, both our human helpers and our elves want to make sure that your pets are looked after to the highest standard - whether this is throwing tennis balls for them consistently for an hour, tickling chins or painstakingly hunting dandelion leaves to pick for a tasty snack, we will do our best to make your pets feel at their best. We offer a range of services to try to best meet all your pet's needs and cater for as many different types as we can. We like to be as flexible as possible, to be able to fit in with you, but we also like to be responsible - that's why you won't see us pack walking with 10 dogs or overcrowding our boarding accommodation. We also like to meet all of our clients and their pets first, so you feel comfortable and happy when your pets are under our care. Although we cannot guarantee you will ever meet our magical elf partners, as they are magical and quite shy, please rest assured that you will meet our human helpers and they are just as nice.


Animal Elves are based in Hersham and we operate in most parts of Elmbridge, Spelthorne and Kingston-Upon-Thames.

"I have known Emily since she was 12 years old, so always knew she would be wonderful with animals. She runs the business in a very professional and business-like manner with clear pricing structure and excellent communication with owners. She is very thoughtful to the needs of both animals and people, and provides a much needed service. She is now our number one choice for dog-sitting." Anne Want, Laleham (Skye - Golden Labrador)


"We always found it hard to switch off on holiday, thinking our pets might be in boarding upset or lonely - however, when we used Animal Elves, we felt like Percy was getting his own pampering holiday! Emily was so kind & attentive to him & we were reassured by the updates, knowing he was getting played with & that he had a lovely environment to chill out in! Animal Elves made our holiday so much more enjoyable by their personal & reliable service - we feel confident to entrust our precious pets to their care again!"  Jo & Howard Coop, Earlsfield (Percy - Guinea Pig)

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