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"I started Animal Elves purely from the motivation that I wanted to

spend more time with animals. I love all animals and am happiest when spending my day walking my dog, cuddling my cats and grooming my favourite pony. Even when a huge spider runs across the floor and my other half screams, I am there putting the fuzzy chap under a glass and setting him free.


To be able to use the experience I have gained from many years of looking after my own pets to help others look after their pets is a dream come true - and to finally be in a position to do this as my full time occupation is just fantastic!  I am fully pet first aid trained as well as very experienced in looking after dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals and horses. But I wouldn't be able to do this without a wonderful support network of human helpers - and of course the magical invisible elves! Together, we're really looking forward to meeting you and your fabulous pets."


EMILY STEVENSON, (Manager of Elves). 

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Email  [email protected]

Call / Text Us  +44 7982 637596


Call / Text Us  +44 7982 637596

Email  [email protected]


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